Documents Required To Open A Personal Account

Please note, you should have the following documents ready in your laptop or desktop, before you start the application process

To open a personal account with Monvenience, you will need to provide the following list of documents:

Documents needed:

  1. Application form (must be filled online at the website, from
  2. High-quality colored scan copy of the passport
    (The scan of the ID (front and back) will be accepted only for citizens or residents of the EU or the EEA, instead of passport)
  3. Proof of address (any utility bill not older than 90 days), or bank statement translated into English or Lithuanian.
  4. Video Verification through the Ondato solution, at the monvenience mobile app, after submission of application.
    (You will receive a mail with all details after you have filled up the form)

Decide on the mobile number and the email address, that you will be using to operate the account, and use the same when you fill up the online applications form

Passport requirements:

  • High-resolution colored scan copy
  • White background
  • Format: PDF or PNG
  • No cropping (all zones and corners must be clearly visible)

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