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Welcome to the prepaid payroll card solution offered by Monvenience (The All-in-One Prepaid Payroll Card Solution Provider), cards that you can use not only for your payroll to disburse salaries and special perks, but also use them as employee’s travel prepaid cards, ad-hoc funding to card holders and stake holders, and special purpose prepaid cards to guests of companies as well. They can also be used for a special event funding cards, for the participants. You know exactly what you spend, and card holders have the ultimate flexibility, as these cards can be used to make payments at PoS, withdraw local currency from any ATM, or make online payments.

There's a growing shift towards cashless transactions, driven by both consumer and business needs. Prepaid cards offer a win-win solution for both employees and businesses, promoting secure, convenient, and cost-effective financial transactions.

You can choose to brand the prepaid cards as well, to your company brand.

Advantages that you will enjoy, when you apply and enroll to the prepaid card payroll system with us (Benefits):

  • Convenience: Payroll cards offer a convenient way to access wages electronically, eliminating the need to visit a bank to cash a check. They function similarly to debit cards, allowing for purchases, ATM withdrawals, and online bill pay.
  • Security: Payroll cards are generally safer than carrying cash. If lost or stolen, they can be deactivated, and remaining funds are protected.
  • Financial Management: The spending are transparent, hence steps may be taken in the future to spend in the right direction.
  • No Bank Account Required: Payroll cards are an alternative for employees who don't have or prefer not to use a traditional bank account.
  • Effortless Payroll Management: Prepaid cards streamline payroll by offering an alternative to traditional bank accounts, especially in regions with limited banking access. This eliminates delays in receiving wages.
  • Instant Virtual Cards: Virtual prepaid cards remove the wait associated with physical card delivery. Monvenience's platform empowers businesses to generate virtual cards instantly, ideal for scenarios like remote work or business trips.
  • Enhanced Security and Cost-Effectiveness: Prepaid cards eliminate the need for employees to carry large sums of cash or rely on expensive wire transfers. This reduces security risks, saves time, and is cost-effective for both employers and employees.
  • Predefined Spending Limits: Set spending rules and limits for each card with a few clicks, preventing unauthorized spending without micromanaging transactions.
  • Streamlined Expense Management: Monvenience's prepaid company cards provide controlled access to company funds, eliminating the hassle of expense claims and reimbursements.
  • Wide, EU and NON-EU Geography Coverage: As a company, you may be in Europe, UK, APAC, South Africa, Canada or South America. You can still use our service using your own country company name and address, and issue cards to your stakeholders.

A person holds a prepaid payroll card, preparing for a contactless payment

Simple to issue cards, with our card issuance process:

To issue a card from your payroll card panel, all you need is a copy of passport (ID sufficient for EU citizens), a proof of address (utility bill or bank account statement) and their phone number.

Optionally, you can also create a card portal for your card holders, where a card holder can login and check their spends and balances.

Other admin functions would also be available to you at your card issuing portal.

Benefits to the card holders:

  • Convenience for employees, especially those without local bank accounts.
  • Streamlined payroll process for employers.
  • Potential cost savings compared to traditional paper checks.
  • Exact amount can be disbursed, and in real time.
  • Smarter Spending: Prepaid cards help manage budgets by limiting spending to the pre-loaded amount, reducing the risk of overspending.

How you can set up your own Pre-paid Payroll System Card Issuance:

First, you need to apply for your company’s IBAN account with us.

On successful compliance, you will be awarded your dedicated SEPA IBAN account.

You will then need to fund your account, to normalize the same.

Thereafter, you can immediately apply for your prepaid card issuance program.

As per your requirements, and on payment of requisite fees, we will set up your card issuance portal. A portal can be set up for as low as 5 number of prepaid cards.

If you choose to go for your own branded prepaid cards, then compliance checks will be more, and more time will be required. For generic cards, they can be launched very soon.

To apply for your IBAN account, you will need the following documents ready in your computer:

You can also check the rates and charges for your IBAN account here:

Please note that your IBAN account will be a no limit, own name business account, that you can use for all your business remittances needs. Moreover, you can also apply for SWIFT own name dedicated accounts from your panel, in multicurrency.

You can find more details, and also apply for your account, from our website at: - Transact in Convenience.

A person holds a prepaid payroll card with a chip

Why Choose Monvenience as your Payroll Prepaid Cards Partner

Bank Securely with EMI-Licensed Institutions: Enhanced Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Financial transactions conducted online require a high level of security. Here's how EMI-licensed institutions go the extra mile to safeguard your funds and ensure a worry-free banking experience:

  • Decentralized Data Storage: User data protection is paramount. By leveraging cloud solutions with decentralized storage, these institutions ensure your information remains secure during digital interactions.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): An additional layer of security beyond passwords, 2FA makes unauthorized access significantly more difficult for cybercriminals.
  • 3D Secure Transactions: This advanced tool verifies your identity during online transactions, adding another layer of protection to combat fraud.
  • Proactive Fraud Detection: Robust security software and procedures are constantly on guard, actively detecting and preventing suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.
  • Segregated Client Funds: Unlike traditional banks, EMI-licensed institutions hold your money in separate accounts at national banks. This prevents your funds from being used for lending purposes, ensuring your money remains solely for your use.
  • Superior Funds Protection: While traditional EU institutions typically offer deposit insurance up to €100,000, EMI-licensed institutions may provide more comprehensive coverage. This enhanced protection stems from the segregated account approach, guaranteeing your hard-earned money remains safe and secure.

Monvenience ensures that you get all the security and peace of mind of working with a fully regulated, EU EMI License enabled institution.

Payroll Card FAQs

What is a payroll card?

A payroll card is a reloadable prepaid card that employers can use to pay employee wages electronically instead of issuing paper checks or using direct deposit. It functions similarly to a debit card, allowing for purchases, ATM withdrawals, and potentially online bill payments.

Why would a company offer payroll cards?

Companies may offer payroll cards for several reasons, including:

  • Cost savings: Eliminates expenses associated with paper checks.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the payroll process with electronic transfers.
  • Security: Reduces risk of lost or stolen cash.
  • Financial inclusion: Provides an option for employees without bank accounts.

Why would an employee choose a payroll card?

Employees may find payroll cards appealing for these reasons:

  • Convenience: Provides easy access to wages electronically.
  • Security: Offers protection against lost or stolen cards.
  • Financial management tools: Some cards offer budgeting features.
  • No bank account required: An alternative for those without traditional banking.

Are there fees associated with payroll cards?

Yes, some fees may be involved with payroll cards, such as:

  • Monthly maintenance fees.
  • ATM withdrawal fees.
  • Point-of-sale transaction fees.

What should I consider before using a payroll card?

Before opting for a payroll card, it's important to understand the terms and conditions, including:

  • Any associated fees.
  • Network (e.g., Visa, Mastercard) for ATM access and purchases.
  • Bill pay options (if offered).
  • Customer service contact information.

Is my money safe on a payroll card?

Generally, payroll card funds are FDIC-insured, similar to traditional bank accounts, offering protection in case of issuer insolvency.

While traditional EU institutions typically offer deposit insurance up to €100,000, EMI-licensed institutions may provide more comprehensive coverage. This enhanced protection stems from the segregated account approach, guaranteeing your hard-earned money remains safe and secure.

Can I use a payroll card anywhere?

Payroll cards typically function on major payment networks like Visa or Mastercard, allowing use anywhere those networks are accepted. However, always check for any limitations outlined by the card issuer.

How can I issue payroll cards?

Open your company IBAN account with Monvenience, after checking the document requirement and IBAN fees. On approval, fund your account and apply for payroll system with your account. We will contact you to enable you to issue payroll cards from your account. Charges will apply,

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