Welcome to the Monvenience Banking as a Service (BAAS) Platform

  • Are you a fintech working to provide banking and payments service n any form to a specific geography or to Global Zones?
  • Are you already providing banking service and looking forward to expand your horizons?
  • Are you a multinational corporate and is looking forward to an efficient solution to handle your overseas transactions?
  • Would you like to provide your own branded banking and/or card solution to your stakeholders?
Banking Platform

Banking as a Service (BaaS)

The services provided by a traditional bank can now be provided, with the help of online payment technologies, to companies who can work as a bank.

This enables FinTech banks to compete directly with traditional banks by offering core-banking services without having to build all the products that would be needed.

The service may be deployed by API stack, or by non api, html stack.

Companies can integrate seamlessly with our existing back-office of banking service. This allows non-banks to easily and cost-effectively launch additional financial products and expand into additional markets.

Banking as a Service (BaaS)
Global White Label Solutions

Main Features and Advantages

  • We provide you white label solution, be it API or non API based, as you desire.
  • Take advantage our round the globe partnerships, by which you can offer global issuance of cards to your customers, and manage them from one single dashboard.
  • Feel free to deploy our API solutions, and build on your own product, offering unique customer experience to your users.
  • Drive your fintech digital innovation to cross border, seamless banking and payments.
  • You may be regulated in some geography and non regulated in others. Monvenience takes care of all your regulatory requirements, AML and KYC, so that you can go live directly, instead of wasting months and years in getting all the regulatory clearances.

Multi-currency IBAN for cross-border payments

Take advantage of a multi-currency IBAN system, with which your customers will have the ability to send and receive money around the world in 25 most widely used currencies, covering 70 different countries, with their OWN DEDICATED IBAN. Both SEPA and SWIFT are available.

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