Monvenience Cards for your everyday payments

Monvenience cards are the easiest and the fastest way to access your money. You can withdraw funds or make payments in more than 50 million online or offline stores, where card payments are accepted. Discover more features that suit your personal or business needs.

Private payment cards

Instant access to your account through a payment card.

  • 3D Secure for secure online payments
  • Personalised cards
  • Virtual cards for online shopping
  • Push notifications about your transactions
  • Parental control for minors
  • Contactless payments
  • Cards in multiple currencies

Open Private Account

Private Payment Card

Virtual cards. Real Payments.

There is also a virtual system that provides a secure way to keep your main card safe against unauthorised use. You may create as many virtual cards as you wish for online payments, subscriptions and even single online purchases.

All cards will be linked to your account and visible from one single access.

You can block and unblock your card at any time with a single tap. You may also set-up real-time push notifications on your phone to keep an eye on any card transactions.

Instant access to physical and virtual cards

Solutions for Business

Monvenience brings simple and effective card solutions for complex business needs.

Our card program is the solution that adds value to your project, expands existing services, as well as monetizes card usage in the best possible way for your business model.

Features for business needs:

  • Ready-to-go solution for a quick start of your project
  • Card with an attached unique IBAN
  • Automatic pay-out through an API
  • Independent online access for every card holder
  • Cash back options
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Tailor-made pricing with instant payout of your commissions
  • White label solutions
  • Variety of API integrations with other services
Solution for business

Use cases for Monvenience card programs:

Salaries and Commissions

Salaries & commissions

Make instant pay-outs of salaries and commissions with zero fees. All payments stay inside the same system

Business expenses

Business expenses

Control any type of business expenses of your employees with transactional/ATM limits and real-time push-notifications.

Forex & gaming

Forex & gaming

The tool for rewards. Pay-out through an API, with no fees. Provide access to your clients’ deposits and earn commissions from their transactions.



Enable your clients to issue virtual gift cards to their dear ones from the back-end of your platform. This service can potentially increase your clientele and raise awareness about your brand.

Online tickets & hotel payments

Online tickets & hotel payments

For every purchase issue a virtual card that will be a unique payment method on the website of the service provider. Within the payment confirmation you may attach a picture of the virtual card that was used for the transaction.

Asset management & funds

Asset management & funds

Provide 24/7 access to your clients’ funds through payment cards. Clients can temporarily use their money, you can earn commissions for loading/using the cards.

FinTech industry

FinTech industry

Empower the growing industry through payment cards. We will integrate our solution and make your FinTech project accessible through a network of 30 million locations worldwide.

Institutional clients

Institutional clients

Registered and authorised financial companies may offer their clients card products, without being a direct issuer. While waiting for your own card layout, you can immediately start selling existing cards with a neutral design.

Card Rates

Card Tariff Plans 1 Card Tariff Plans 2 Card Tariff Plans 3 Card Tariff Plans 4 Card Tariff Plans 1

White Label Solutions

Want to have cards and online banking branded in your company design?

Monvenience provides access to its advanced IT platform and full product range under your brand.

White label program contains the following options:

  • Payment cards
  • Card packaging
  • Online and mobile banking (for iOS and Android)
  • API integration
  • Tailor-made tariffs providing extra income from your client’s activities

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