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Finland has already created a number of very successful tech companies and has been attracting more and more foreign capital. In addition to their experience in heavy industries and solutions relating to the environment, Finland's infrastructure, foreigner-friendly employment rules, educational system, and quality of life play a significant influence in the decision of many foreign founders to relocate there.

Finland's economy is so open to new businesses that the local ecosystem keeps tabs on the top 100 of them on a monthly basis. The Finnish government awards grants and loans to support entrepreneurs, particularly those that emerge from university incubators. On the other hand, founders can attend startup-focused events like Slush Helsinki. Finland now levies a 20% company tax.

Bank Account in Finland, Company and Personal, Online

After you have incorporated in Finland, you will need a dedicated IBAN bank account for SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area, transfers.

You can open your company iban account with your company papers and passport, online, from www.Monvenience.com, at best rates, with your Finnish company incorporation papers.

Please note that most traditional Finland banks will require multiple physical visits, deposits to be made, and much paperwork, raising the expenses to open and maintain your account. Large Swiss banks are a bit expensive as well, and prefer to work with large companies.

However with us, you can open and operate an IBAN bank account completely online, with no visits to the bank required, and no lofty deposits. Experience smooth, convenient online banking with us. Your account IBAN number will be valid everywhere in Europe

Moreover, these accounts are dedicated, unlimited, allows personal and corporate transfers, and also come with shared SWIFT facilities, in multicurrency.

Operate your IBAN account like a local bank account not only in Finland, but in the rest of Europe as well.

Consider ordering a prepaid master card as well when you have your account, for use anywhere in the globe, at all mastercard outlets.

With Monvenience, you have convenience.

Documents Required to Open IBAN Account for Finland Companies

Open your Bank account valid in Finland and rest of Europe

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