Open a company in The Netherlands

Start a company in The Netherlands

Set up a Company in The Netherlands

The Dutch are frequently credited with founding globalisation and international commerce. Amsterdam was established by brisk trade. Additionally, the government places a high value on maintaining a favourable business environment.

There are many reasons why the Netherlands ought to be your upcoming business location. Starting with a prime position that gives you easy access to the majority of markets in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe huge, consistently expanding economy

talent pool, high index of English proficiency, and many others.

In addition, the nation is quite inventive. This indicates that the populace is receptive to new ideas and willing to adopt them.

Strong government support for foreign investment is one of the Netherlands' major selling points. They even provide "start-up visas" for international investors, which enable them to run their businesses with the greatest ease and flexibility.

Bank Account in Netherlands, Online

Have you incorporated in Netherland? You will now need a dedicated IBAN bank account for SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area, transfers, to start operations.

You can open your company iban account with your company papers and passport, online, from, at best rates, with your Netherlands company details and documents.

Please note that most traditional Netherlands banks will require multiple physical visits, deposits to be made, and much paperwork, raising the expenses to open and maintain your account.

However with us, you can open and operate an IBAN bank account completely online, with no visits to the bank required, and no lofty deposits. Experience smooth, convenient online banking with us. Your account IBAN number will be valid everywhere in Europe

Moreover, these accounts are dedicated, unlimited, allows personal and corporate transfers, and also come with shared SWIFT facilities, in multicurrency.

Operate your IBAN account like a local bank account not only in Netherlands, but in the rest of Europe as well.

Consider ordering a prepaid master card as well when you have your account, for use anywhere in the globe, at all mastercard outlets.

With Monvenience, you have convenience.

Documents Required to Open IBAN Account for The Netherlands Companies

Open your Bank account valid in The Netherlands and rest of Europe

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