Open a company in France

Start a company in France


France, the third-largest economy in Europe and the most visited nation, is becoming a more desirable location for enterprises. President Emmanuel Macron's policies have increased business hours, made it simpler for small firms to expand and attract investment, and simplified the procedure for firing underperforming employees, all of which have a positive impact on the economy. Today, France is the hub of the European tech startup sector and a friendly place for all kinds of small companies to call home. It is a great nation to start a business in and a lovely and fulfilling place to live and work thanks to its network of tech hub cities, vibrant startup campuses, liberal immigration programme, and high levels of state and EU funding.

How to start a business in France: the basics

In France, anyone can open a business. To own a business in France, you DO NOT need to reside there or be a citizen of the EU. Even if you reside and work outside the EU, you can still register a business address in France and start a company there. That can entail setting up a virtual office or locating physical space for your company. You don't necessarily need to purchase a home or change your citizenship!

First, draught a French business plan

A business strategy should always be the first thing you do. A business plan enables you to clarify your mission statement and vision for your business and means you can show investors - and more importantly, the French business bank account manager - exactly how your business will run, whether you're planning to open a small business in France or dreaming of a bigger slice of the French market. (It goes without saying that the French translation of this business plan will be required.)

You must think about who your French market and customers will be, how much money you or your partners are investing, your previous company expertise, and how much money you anticipate earning and spending over the following few years.

You will need to consult an agent if you want to open your company remotely.

Opening a bank account in France

As soon as your company is incorporated, you will need a dedicated IBAN bank account for SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area (local money transfer protocol across Europe) transfers.

You can open your company iban account with your passport and company papers online, from, at best rates.

Please note that most traditional banks will require multiple physical visits, deposits to be made, and much paperwork.

However with us, you can open and operate an IBAN bank account completely online, with no visits to the bank required, and no lofty deposits. Experience smooth, convenient online banking with us.

Moreover, these accounts are dedicated, unlimited, allows personal and corporate transfers, and also come with shared SWIFT facilities, in multicurrency.

Also, you account will operate like a local account not only in France, but in entire EU. You can also order a prepaid master card, for use anywhere in the globe, at all mastercard outlets.

With Monvenience, you have convenience.

Documents Required to Open Your Company Account in France

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